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Please keep in mind that I have lots of time and money invested in this project. Many of the names are family members... some a few (not usually very far) generations down the line. Others are names in my husband's family, brothers-in-laws families and my sons-in-laws families and daughter-in-laws families. Some are related to others in my family tree but not directly to me. All information I have personally gathered. I did not use any information from the Mormon Church's many sites. I have researched everything. Most photos belong to me directly, except the ones that I have given credit too.

My family lines are (note: the * are in my family tree {I still have many to mark.}) Jones, Pugh, Knowles, Prothero, Painter, Owens, Nash, Albright, Watkins, Hall, Edgerton, Willoughby, Draper, Charinsky, Aikin, Moore, Meers, Morgan, DalValley (DalVallee), Monson, Klaman, Breeden, Dora, Russell, Williamson, Arnold, Chism, Siddell, Weindenburner, Gill, Ames, Wallis, Chantos, Keller, Davis, Wilcox, Cox, Pate, Gruber, Palmer, Sullivan, Douthit, West, Butler, Reese, Balsley, Smallcomb and the list goes on.

Some folks, on this blog, are friends or friends' parents. Others are individuals that are on the same page as one of my family.

I am willing to do research for others, however I do charge for extensive research and for the cost of research items. To check in some of our local cemetery records they do charge. Birth and Death records also cost. Before I do that search I will require a deposit in my paypal account. Please ask ahead if I will be charged to help you. Also all of the articles I have, I have paid to make copies of .

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

As I sit here...

As I sit here, reading the news of the devastating weather in the south, I wonder how many people have lost all of their pictures, family Bibles and numerous other items that one would consider a family treasure.
Each time I know of a family that has lost all their Earthly goods, I pray the one thing they haven't lost are those items that can be passed on with their stories and family history.
My students, when they first meet me, find it odd when I tell them that in that book bag is my life. They ask me the same question every year, what?
I then explain to them that I have scanned every photo of my family, that I have them saved right there on an external hard drive and that it is in the book bag. As they go through those 4 years of high school with me, they begin to get more involved in their family history. They begin to bring in bits and pieces of their family history and we begin to piece it together.
So I sit here and pray that those families will never forget their family history, that their two most precious things in life have not been lost... family and family photos/history.
You know the most interesting thing that happens... When we have a fire drill or storm, one of my students will pick up my book bag and carry it to safety. This says a lot about my great students and the bond we form.

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