Just some info:

Please keep in mind that I have lots of time and money invested in this project. Many of the names are family members... some a few (not usually very far) generations down the line. Others are names in my husband's family, brothers-in-laws families and my sons-in-laws families and daughter-in-laws families. Some are related to others in my family tree but not directly to me. All information I have personally gathered. I did not use any information from the Mormon Church's many sites. I have researched everything. Most photos belong to me directly, except the ones that I have given credit too.

My family lines are (note: the * are in my family tree {I still have many to mark.}) Jones, Pugh, Knowles, Prothero, Painter, Owens, Nash, Albright, Watkins, Hall, Edgerton, Willoughby, Draper, Charinsky, Aikin, Moore, Meers, Morgan, DalValley (DalVallee), Monson, Klaman, Breeden, Dora, Russell, Williamson, Arnold, Chism, Siddell, Weindenburner, Gill, Ames, Wallis, Chantos, Keller, Davis, Wilcox, Cox, Pate, Gruber, Palmer, Sullivan, Douthit, West, Butler, Reese, Balsley, Smallcomb and the list goes on.

Some folks, on this blog, are friends or friends' parents. Others are individuals that are on the same page as one of my family.

I am willing to do research for others, however I do charge for extensive research and for the cost of research items. To check in some of our local cemetery records they do charge. Birth and Death records also cost. Before I do that search I will require a deposit in my paypal account. Please ask ahead if I will be charged to help you. Also all of the articles I have, I have paid to make copies of .

Give me a Shout-out About Family History

I am not only looking for and posting my own family history, but others that I have found.

Blank lines means the individual is still living at the time that I post the article. I try not to publish any names of living individuals. This is not always possible, as some folks may still be alive and I don't know them. Sorry if I have posted a name of someone you know for sure is still living. Contact me and I will make their name a blank line.
I have the complete obit if you are related and need more information. Please state how you are related in your email.

Have Genealogy you would like to share?

Contact me at genealogist53@gmail.com

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Coming soon ....

I will soon be posting grave markers of people by last names and group as many as I can per post. Be looking for them to come shortly. (Working on naming them all so I can group them.)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Married in Cemetery

The Maryville Times, Thursday, August 18, 1927

Married in Cemetery
An unusual wedding occurred in a neighboring state. The bridegroom was an undertaker, whose father had been an undertaker before him.
The ceremony took place at midnight in the cemetery before the father's grave. Asked why, the bridegroom said, "Well, I've been to the cemetery so often on sad occasions that I felt I should like to come here just once for some happy event." Couples afraid of being to happy might try this this - Capper's Weekly The Maryville Times, Thursday Aug. 18, 1927

Kenneth Sandy..... Newshacker

I am not sure when this article was written, but since I know that Sandy passed away at the age of 63, it was probably in 1975.

Last news hawker calls out end of era with retirement. by Mike Simmons C-N Staff Writer

The guy with the smile, bright orange cap and myriad slogan buttons has retired after 19 years as a Commercial-News carrier.
Kenneth E. Sandy, known as "Sandy" to his many friends and customers, will continue working at The Nook, a restaurant on Danville's Vermilion Street Park Mall.
At 62, Sandy said he intends to work three more years at The Nook before retiring completely. He has worked there for more than 30 years.
Sandy's retirement ends an era of the newspaper business in Danville because he is the last of the old-time "news hawkers" - the street corner carriers who made famous the cry of, "Extra! Extra! Read all about it."
Because The Commercial-News and most other newspapers no longer publish extras, "news hawkers" have been replaced by carriers who sell their newspapers to regular customers on specified routes.
Sandy's carrying career began in the mid-1950s after he had lived in Lincoln and Chicago.
"I was born April 11, 1913, on the South Side of Chicago where shooting scrapes were pretty common," he said.
"I was going to the theater when they shot John Dillinger. I thought it was just another shooting scrape," said Sandy.
Once in Danville, Sandy quick "Hello, Bill" or "Hello, Sam" soon made him one of downtown Danville's more familiar faces.
His customers - most of whom never knew his real name - included everyone from courthouse politicians to businessmen to the seat-warmers who pass the days on downtown benches.
They called him Sandy and knew him by the numerous slogan buttons he pinned to his clothing and the heavy, but brightly marked, bag of newspapers swinging from around his shoulders.
Sandy's "beat" included the Mall and downtown Main Street and making his rounds often involved slipping and sliding on dangerously wet or snow-packed streets amid a cold winter's wind.
Nevertheless, "I am going to miss my customers," Sandy said, adding that he had 34 regular customers and more non-regular customers who often stopped him to buy an issue.
About all that has changed in his years of lugging the heavy bag, he said, is the price of the paper itself.
"The customers haven't changed much," said Sandy, who lives at 601 W. Harrison.
Traveling is a major hobby, he said, and later this month he is going to leave Danville's cold streets behind for awhile and tour Hawaii.
His travels, in addition to Hawaii, have included various jaunts within the continental United States and trips to such exotic places as the Caribbean.
What does he have to say to his old friends and customers?
"Stop and see me at The Nook.

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I will...

I will be posting pictures of gravemarkers I have taken on my different travels and visits to cemeteries across this great country of ours... America. I will be doing as much research as I can on them also. ... FREE! However I will be willing to take donations to help with the expenses. If you feel compelled to help me keep going... email me.

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Frederick H. Wortman


Date of Birth 9/14/1833
Place of Birth GERMANY
Father WORTMAN, dod:danville dropsy
Mother danville daily news 04/25/86
Wedding Date 11/19/1865
Date of Death 4/24/1886


George Herbert Miller Obit

Danville Commercial News
January 1951

George Herbert Miller, 70, life resident of the Rossville Community, died at 1:20 a.m. Sunday, January 21, 1951 at the home of his son, Meredith Miller, east of Rossville. Mr. Miller had been in ill health sixteen months and seriously ill the past three weeks.

He was born February 20, 1880 at Rossville, the son of George W. and Anna (Haas) Miller. In March 1907 he was married to Stella Cox, who preceded him in death.

Surviving are four sons, Meredith Miller of Rossville, Walter Miller with the U.S. Army in England. Captain Kenneth Miller, stationed at the Spokane Air Force Base in Washington, Edward Miller of Chicago; two daughters, Mrs. Alma Ritter of Rossville and Mrs. Marian McGath of Bloomington; two brothers, Samuel Miller of Rossville and Grover FMiller of Danville and three sisters, Mrs. Ed Hushaw and Mary Miller of Rossville and Mrs. Walter Ennis of Potomac.

Funeral services were held at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon from the Freese Funeral Home with Ralph Small, minister of the Antioch Church of Christ officiating. Mrs. W.L. Freese sang "The Haven of Rest" and "Good Night and Good Morning" accompanied at the organ by F.C. Reinbold. Flowers were in charge of Mable Hotsinpillar, Dorothy Weston, Jean Nixon, May Rose Fidler, Ardith Hughes, Gertrude Clapp, Annabelle Miller and Doreen Cox. Pallbearers were Edward Cox, Thomas Hushaw, Charles Hushaw, Don Cox, Carl Miller adn Dale Cox. Interment was in the Rossville Cemetery.

Friday, February 15, 2013

McReynolds, John


Date of Birth 1/1/1858
Place of Birth DANVILLE,IL.
Father McREYNOLDS,W.C. d:danville TB
Mother danville daily news 06/11/87
Spouse S-INGLEage29
Wedding Date
Date of Death 6/10/1887

Information from Pape Mortuary Website

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Infant Tilton passes

Danville Commercial News
July 15, 1881

A Sad Case
The remains of an infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Tilton, of Newtown, who died at Walnut Ridge, Ark., on Monday morning, arrived in the city this morning via Terre Haute over the Vandalia road from St. Louis. It will be remembered that Mr. and Mrs. Tilton left for Hot Springs, Ark., about four weeks since on a health-seeking expedition. After they had been there two weeks their six month old child was taken ill. It gradually grew worse until Sunday last when the attending physician advised Mr. and Mrs. Tilton that there was no hope for the child if they remained there and further advised the bereaved parents that there was a possibility of the child's recovery if they would start for home. Accordingly they boarded the Sunday night train and got as far as Walnut Grove, Ark., when the failing condition of the little sufferer necessitated a lay-over. The child did not live but a few hours. Mr. and Mrs. Tilton arrived in the city Tuesday afternoon.

Joseph Williams ~ Mine Accident

Danville Commercial News
July 15, 1881

Another Coal Mine Accident occured to Joseph Williams, a miner at Grape Creek, on Thursday afternoon. While attending to his duties a large lump of coal fell from the roof of the room striking the unfortunate man on the back, inflicting severe bruises and causing concussion of the spine. His injuries will probably result in paralysis. He is under the care of Dr. Morehouse.

John Murray Obit

Danville Commercial News
July 15, 1881

Young John Murray, of Tilton, crushed to death by coal falling on him in the Ellsworth Mines, Monday.
John, aged 14 years, son of John Murray, sr., of Tilton, while working in company of his father and brother in the old Ellsworth mines, which are located between South Danville and Tilton, a quantity of coal and soapstone fell from the roof Monday at 12 o'clock, a portion of which struck the unfortunate boy, breaking the left leg at the ankle and cutting his head, and it is supposed also, causing internal injuries. Although the attending surgeon could find no outward bruises to indicate that he was internally hurt, yet it is the opinion that such injuries existed. He was conveyed to his home at Tilton in an unconscious condition, where he received professional attention from Dr. Morehouse. He lived until 2:30 p.m., when he expired.
The employees at the Ellsworth and Western mines quit work as is their usual custom when one of their own number is fatally or dangerously injured.

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And I thought....

And I thought Illinois fees were high... Here is a chart from Wisconsin...


$52.87 Express Legal Online Processing Fee

$_6.00 Authorized Wisconsin Agency Merchant Fee

$40.00 Wisconsin State Government Fee

$98.87 Total Fee (Additional Copies: $55.87 each)

Delivery Options

$17.50 *UPS Air Shipping Delivery (includes multiple copies)

Free Regular Mail

*UPS to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico is $22.00. UPS to all international locations is $33.00
Now that is ridiculous. I don't need certified, just verification!