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Please keep in mind that I have lots of time and money invested in this project. Many of the names are family members... some a few (not usually very far) generations down the line. Others are names in my husband's family, brothers-in-laws families and my sons-in-laws families and daughter-in-laws families. Some are related to others in my family tree but not directly to me. All information I have personally gathered. I did not use any information from the Mormon Church's many sites. I have researched everything. Most photos belong to me directly, except the ones that I have given credit too.

My family lines are (note: the * are in my family tree {I still have many to mark.}) Jones, Pugh, Knowles, Prothero, Painter, Owens, Nash, Albright, Watkins, Hall, Edgerton, Willoughby, Draper, Charinsky, Aikin, Moore, Meers, Morgan, DalValley (DalVallee), Monson, Klaman, Breeden, Dora, Russell, Williamson, Arnold, Chism, Siddell, Weindenburner, Gill, Ames, Wallis, Chantos, Keller, Davis, Wilcox, Cox, Pate, Gruber, Palmer, Sullivan, Douthit, West, Butler, Reese, Balsley, Smallcomb and the list goes on.

Some folks, on this blog, are friends or friends' parents. Others are individuals that are on the same page as one of my family.

I am willing to do research for others, however I do charge for extensive research and for the cost of research items. To check in some of our local cemetery records they do charge. Birth and Death records also cost. Before I do that search I will require a deposit in my paypal account. Please ask ahead if I will be charged to help you. Also all of the articles I have, I have paid to make copies of .

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watkins Marriages in Vermilion County, Illinois*

*I found this information at the Vermilion County Courthouse. For a copy please contact the courthouse. The fee for a copy is $10.00
Albert F. Watkins and Emily Bracewell, Dec. 24, 1884
Alexander Watkins and Lucy A. Peters, June 8, 1885
Alice Watkins and Willis W. Bailey, April 27, 1904
Anna Watkins and David Pearson, Dec. 29, 1865
Arch B. Watkins and Emma Ellenburg, Aug. 3, 1923
Barbara Watkins and William Wayne Lockwood, June 9, 1935
Benjamin Watkins and Lydia Allkire, June 13, 1853
Bert Watkins and Emma Delany, Nov. 6, 1901
Charles P. Watkins and Ora Norton, Aug. 22, 1893
Cynthia Watkins and Daniel D. Reese, Nov. 26, 1890
Dwight Watkins and May Bailey, June 4, 1917
E. A. Watkins and Mary Hart, Dec. 24, 1882
Edna Watkins and Ralph Burtnett, Oct. 18, 1902
Edna E. Watkins and Frank M. Jewell, May 29, 1895
Edna Suzanna and Curtis Cooley, June 30, 1922
Eli F. Watkins and Mary A. Osborn, Sept. 15, 1873
Elijah A. Watkins and Mary A. Hart, Dec. 22, 1882
Elizabeth Watkins and Benjamin Dean, Mar. 2, 1867
Emily Watkins and William Harmon, July 26, 1875
Ettie Watkins and Albert Hile, May 3, 1915
Fanny A. Watkins and Jenkin Williams, Feb. 5, 1867
Flora B. Watkins and Donald Bracewell, Dec. 21, 1892
Fred Watkins and Cora Martin, Feb 22, 1906
Fred Watkins and Ella Howard, Apr 16, 1927
George Albert Watkins and Della May Thomas, May 15, 1895
George Watkins and Tillie B. Henry, May 2, 1900
Grace Watkins and Ray Anders, Sept. 6, 1928
Helen Watkins and Clarene L. Case, Dec. 31, 1918
Henry Watkins and Dorothy Slaughter, July 11, 1929
Henry W. Watkins and Susan F. Neher, Dec. 6, 1924
Hudson H. Watkins and Clara B. Nunn, Oct. 28, 1901
Hugh N. Watkins and Josephine Stephens, June 12, 1896
Hugh N. Watkins, Jr and Elizabeth H. Gandy, March 21, 1925
Isaac Watkins and Jane Swisher, Oct. 24, 1895
Isaac A. Watkins and Silva Wyman, Oct. 19, 1876
Isaac E. Watkins and Emily Chenoweth, Sept. 4, 1866
Isaiah Watkins and Mary E. Layton, Mar. 1, 1861
James Watkins and Mary J. Macy, Nov. 5, 1846
Jennie Watkins and Joel Evans, Nov. 1, 1874
John Watkins and Margaret Gray, May 8, 1842
John Watkins and Martha Keton, Mar. 14, 1852
John B. Watkins and Lizzie Kennedy, Sept. 29, 1891
Joseph Watkins and Katie M. McLeod, June 5, 1872
Kenneth Watkins and Lela L. Bennett, July 12, 1927
Lelah Watkins and Herbert Everett, June 15, 1935
Leora L. Watkins and Mike Williams, Aug. 4, 1915
Louisa Watkins and Aaron Lane, Oct. 29, 1840
Louisa Watkins and Charles Holbert, July 30, 1910
Lucille Watkins and George Walter, Sept. 2, 1945
Madora Watkins and Cedric Simmons, Oct. 11, 1922
Maggie Watkins and N. M. Bear, Apr. 22, 1893
Marian Emma Watkins and Edwin Dodge Smith, Nov. 6, 1922
Mary Watkins and George M. Wilson, Sept. 15, 1944
Mary E. Watkins and Isaac F. Romine, Oct. 4 1869
Mary. M. Watkins and Peter Kadell, Sept. 29, 1867
Moses Watkins and Hannah P. Holeman, June 25, 1857
Moses Watkins and Mattie L. Harper, Sept. 8, 1910
Nellie Watkins and Chester G. Goodwin, Feb. 1906
Ollie Watkins and Ross McClatchey, Aug. 2, 1919
Omer A. Watkins and Sylvia E. Schingel, July 4, 1942
Raymond Watkins and Marjorie Freeman, Sept. 22, 1934
Sallie Watkins and Zachariah T. Bradbury, Aug. 9, 1883
Sarah A. Watkins and Abraham Kendall, Jan. 1, 1852
Sybill Watkins and Charles Webb, Mar. 1, 1926
Wallena Watkins and John Mellin, Jan. 16, 1899
Willam H. Watkins and Ollie G. Clark, Dec. 25, 1905
William J. Watkins and Theresa Lloyd, Dec. 9, 1865
William R. Watkins and Jane E. Brown, Sept. 6, 1888
William W. Watkins and Stella Gleason, Sept. 13, 1893

Monday, October 24, 2011

Watkin Births in Vermilion County, Illinois*

*I found the following Watkins births in Vermilion County, Illinois. Records can be obtained from the County Clerk's office. The cost is $10.00 for a copy.
Watkins, unnamed, sex unknown, parents Elijah and Mary E., birth June 8, 1887
Watkins, unnamed, sex unknown, parents, Albert and Emma Aug. 15, 1888
Watkins, Unnamed, sex unknown, parents Bert and Emma, born Aug. 18, 1905
Watkins, Unnamed, sex unknown, parents William and Ollie, born Oct. 11, 1906
Watkins, Reberta S. M. , female, parents Freddie and Bertha, born Nov. 18, 1911
Watkins, Alfonzo, male, parents Paul and Ella, born July 14, 1915
Watkins, Bernie, not sure, parents Fred and Cora, Jan. 14, 1907
Watkins, Chauncy J. E. , male, parents Hugh and Josephine, born Feb 19, 1903
Watkins, Dalbert (Delbert), male, parents Bert and Emma, born June 19, 1915
Watkins, Donald, male, parents Bert and Emma, born June 19, 1915
Watkins, Edith G., female, parents Moses and Emily, born Sept. 16, 1886
Watkins, Ester E., female, parents Henry and June, born May 17, 1911
Watkins, Fern Lenore, female, parents Bert and Emma, born Aug. 21, 1902
Watkins, Frances Seymour, female, parents Charles and Ellen, born April 29, 1911
Watkins, Frederick G., male, parents John and Catherine, born Sept. 30, 1884
Watkins, Gladys Ruth, female, parents Edwin and Melvina, born Dec. 8, 1896
Watkins, Helen C., female, parents William and Stella, born Jan. 16, 1894
Watkins, Hugh, N. Jr., male, parents Hugh and Josephine, born Dec. 28, 1899
Watkins, James B., male, parents Albert and Emily, born Feb 12, 1891
Watkins, John E., male, parents Elijah and Mary, born March 15, 1896
Watkins, Laurence C., male, parents Henry and Sarah, born Dec. 25, 1909
Watkins, Lida G., female, parents Elijah and Mary, born June 3, 1899
Watkins, Lile Dwight, male, parents Elijah and Mary E., born April 26, 1892
Watkins, Marian Emma, female, parents Bert and Emma Oct. 27, 1903
Watkins, Majory, female, parents Oscar and Grace L., born April 21, 1914
Watkins, Mary, female, parents James and Alberta, born March 14, 1905
Watkins, Eleanor (Mildred was crossed out), female, parents Bert and Emma, born Nov. 8, 1908
Watkins, Omer A., male, parents George and Estella, born Aug. 4, 1896
Watkins, Ruth Lucille, female, parents Bert and Emma, born Dec. 31, 1910
Watkins, Vivian, female, parents Bert and Emma, born Jan. 22, 1913
Watkins, William S., male, parents Oscar and Grace, born June 2, 1912

Knoll Births in Vermilion County, Illinois

I found the following births for the Knoll family name at the Vermilion County Courthouse in Danville, Illinois. You may contact them for more information or a record of the birth. The cost for a paper copy is $10.00.
Knoll, unnamed, sex unknown, parents Charles and Mary Knoll, born May 15, 1905
Knoll, unnamed, sex unknown, parend no father listed mother Mary, born July 1, 1909
Knoll, Alfred, male, parents Karl and Eva, born April 24, 1905
Knoll, Bert A., male, parents Karl and Elizabeth, born March 6, 1896
Knoll, Clarence J., male, parens Karl and Elizabeth, born Jan. 2, 1894
Knoll, Laura B., female, parents Charles and Eva, born March 4, 1907
Knoll, Laurence, male, parents Karl and Eva, born Feb. 8, 1901
Knoll, Martha Barbara, female, parents mother Eva Elizabeth, born Oct. 2, 1903
Knoll, Otto, male, parents Karl and Elizabeth, born Aug. 20, 1899
Knoll, Robert, male, parents Carl and Eva, born Dec. 26, 1897

I have come to the conclusion that Karl (Carl) is married to Eva Elizabeth. That sometimes she was listed as Eva and others as Elizabeth.

Knowles Births in Vermilion County Illinois

Here are the births of Knowles in Vermilion County Illinois. I can only see the ones that are at least 100 years old. They are in the process of adding more to the system.
If you want more information you will need to contact the Vermilion County County Clerk's Office. They have a few that you will need to pay for more information. I believe it is still $10.00.

Knowles, Unnamed do not know the sex either, parents Samuel and Jessie Knowles, born Dec. 14, 1904
Knowles, Unnamed, do not know the sex, parents, Samuel and Jessie Knowles, born Dec. 9, 1908
Knowles, Claude P., male, parents Lucian and Minnie Knowles, born May 21, 1911
Knowles, Helen Marquerite, female, parents Samuel and Jessie Knowles, born Oct. 30, 1907
Knowles, William A., male, parents Henry and Carrie Knowles, Oct. 28, 1896

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Olivia Harrison Talbert Obit

Danville Commercial News Feb. 23, 1949
Olivia Talbert Dies at 77; Rites Friday

Mrs. Olivia Edna Talbert, 77, widow of George W. Talbert and a resident of Danville 46 years, died Tuesday at the home of a son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swanson, 1010 W. Williams St.
Mrs. Talbert was born in Lafayette July 6, 1871, a daughter of Theodore and Nancy Dye Harrison. She was a member of the EUB Church in Oakwood.
Surviving are five children, Mrs. Carl (Irene) Swanson, Stanley Talbert and Mrs. Leota Collins, Danville; Mrs. Edith Hillman, Crawfordsville, and Mrs. Opal Wilson , Urbana; nine children and eight great-grandchildren; two brothers, Walter Harrison, Delavan, Ill., and Harry Harrison of Danville, and two sisters, Mrs. Nona Vannetta and Mrs. Gertrude Wilson, Potomac.
The body is at the Edmund & Dickson Funeral Home where services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Friday. Burial will be in Oakwood Cemetery. The Rev. S.E. Fisher of University Place Christian Church, Urbana, will officiate.

Emma Watkins Dies at Home on S. Logan*

Emma Watkins Dies at Home on S. Logan
Feb. 23, 1949 Danville Commercial News

*Mrs. Emma Watkins, 86, widow of Albert Watkins, died Tuesday night at her home, 406 S. Logan. She had been ill eight months.
Mrs. Watkins was born in Danville Oct. 11, 1862. a daughter of James and Mary Jones Bracewell. She was a member of First Congregarional Christian Church.
Surviving are one son, H. E. Watkins, a daughter, Mrs. Mabel Reeder, both of Danville, and one grandchild. She was preceded in death by a son and a daughter.
The body is at the Berhalter Funeral Home where services will be help at 3 p.m. Thursday. The Rev. Fred Orr will officiate, with burial in Springhill Cemetery.