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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ruth Lucille Lanter Obit

Danville Commercial News - Sun. June 18, 1989
Ruth Lucille Lanter

Ruth Lucille Lanter, born New Year's Eve 1910, devoted daughter of Bert and Emma DeLany Watkins, passed away Saturday, June 17, 1989.
Mrs Lanter was the beloved widow of Herman Lanter, and blessed mother of Molly Ruth and Julian Belcher, and the adoring grandmother of _______ and __________, three great-grandchildren, ________, _____, and _______. Other survivors include two sisters, Fern Watkins and Mrs. Vivian (David) Adamson. Preceding her in death were three sisters: Mrs. Marian Smith, Mrs. Mildred Biggs and an infant sister; three brothers: Charles Delany Watkins, infant twins.
Mrs. Lanter worked at Illinois Bell Telephone Co. for more than 40 years, retiring from a management position.
Following her retirement, Mrs. Lanter devoted her life and her love to her child and grandchildren and found peace with nature and God's creatures.
Private services will be at Pape Memorial Home and Gardens, with internment at Spring Hill Cemetery on Monday, June 19, 1989.

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